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These cases will fit any 6" x 9" carded figures, which is most of the Star Wars 3.75" lines from 1977 to today.

These are the best soft plastic flat-pack protective cases for 6" x 9" size carded/boxed figure I have found on the market. They're great for displaying and protecting figures from any toyline with a standard 6" x 9"  (15.2cm x 22.9cm x ‎3.8cm) cardback.

Important Note: the card and bubble must be within ~1 ½" (3.8cm) thick in order to fit correctly. Figures pictured are not included, they're used only to illustrate how cool these cases look. 

Here's what sets these cases apart from the crowd:

  • Crystal clear plastic
  • Removable protective film keeps them from being scratched in transit to you, when stored away or when shipping out a figure.
  • Cases ship flat packed to avoid damage or warping.
  • There's also a locking tab  and box-style flaps to ensure that the box won't open. No need to tape the bottom "just in case".
  • There's an folding hanger section that extends above the box for hanging, or to act as an optional rail to keep card backs with a thinner depth standing up straight.
  • The assembled box will also stand up for display on a shelf.

You can purchase these cases individually or in packs of 10.

These softcases can be used with Modern Star Wars 3.75" 1/18th scale Figures including:

  • Hasbro Vintage Collection (TVC) Single Carded Figure
  • Hasbro Vintage Collection (TVC) Deluxe Boxed Figure
  • Hasbro Retro Collection Single Carded Figure

Our Soft Cases also fit Star Wars 3.75" 6" x 9" Carded Figure (1995-Present):

  •  3.75" Power of the Force (POTF2)
    • Rounded and Squared carded version
  • 3.75" Episode 1 
  • 3.75" Saga / Legacy
  • 3.75" Black Series (Blue Line / Orange Line)
  • 3.75" REBELS Missions Series
  • 3.75" ROGUE ONE Collection
  • 3.75" Disney Droid Factory carded figures 

These Soft Cases also work perfectly with most Super7 carded figures and other companies producing figures on a 6" x 9" card back.

While these do fit vintage (1977-1986) carded figures, we recommend using rigid acrylic cases instead to preserve their condition. Our selection of hard acrylic cases also have cardback rails to help prevent the older Kenner cardbacks from warping. 


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