My Favorite Vintage Star Wars Collecting Resources

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Figured I would share a list of the online resources I find most useful for Star Wars collecting. I'll try and keep adding to the list as I remember more.



Star Wars Collectors Archive

Started by Gus Lopez a long time ago, it's the original Star Wars collector site. It's not the sexiest of sites, but it packs tons of content. There's 2 main parts, the archive which is a pretty exhaustive database of vintage Star Wars items and the Blog or article section. You could spend hours here.


Imperial Gunnery

The best, and pretty much only, guide for checking whether Star Wars figures accessories are real or repro. The site is filled with pictures and updated pretty regularly.


Star Wars Tracker

This site tracks sales of vintage Star Wars toys from around the globe and gives you the information in graph form. It's a great resource if you're ever looking to sell or value and item. You can also use it to track your collection and the value over time. I use the phone app far more than the website, it's so nice to have this info at your finger tips. It's not free, but I think I pay around $30 a year and it's worth every penny.


Kenner Boxed Item Contents

Rebel Scum Forum Post

This page takes forever to load, but it's worth it. It contains pictures of every item included in each Kenner boxed vehicle or playset. Gives you an idea of what it looked like fresh out of the box, what the cardboard insert looked like, and which catalogs were included. NOTE - It seems that now you need to be logged-in to get the images to load.



Ya, Facebook sucks. But, for Vintage Star Wars collecting, FB is kinda where the action is at. Pros: lots of great people, amazing pics of awesome collections, loads of stuff for sale. Cons: archiving sucks so you'll never find that post again. I'm an active member of the following groups and enjoy all of them:



Jedi Business

I find this site is mostly geared towards modern collecting, but this list of vintage figures is a good visual reference to vintage figure line.


Please share any other great resources in the comments below!

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