Sell Your Star Wars Collection

We are always looking to buy Star Wars collections, large or small, from around the world. Whether you found a box in the basement or you're a seasoned collector looking to offload some items, we’ll keep the process honest, easy and painless.


What are your Star Wars items worth?

Thinking of selling but not sure what you have is worth? 

We’d be happy to have look and give you our thoughts on value and what we’d be willing to pay. No strings attached, no pressure to sell.

Avoid the work, cost and frustrations of selling online or in-person by selling to us! 


Fair Offers and No Surprises

We take a look at what you have, plug it into a spreadsheet and out pops an offer. No games or negotiations necessary. 

Once we agree to a deal, we'll provide shipping instructions and ensure the process is easy-peasy.


What We're Buying

4th Moon Toys is always buying vintage Star Wars items from 1977 - 1986. Our needs depend on our current inventory. Right now we are buying:

  • Vintage Kenner Star Wars toys and figures from 1977-86
  • Sealed packs and complete sets of Topps Star Wars cards from 1977-86
  • Anything vintage Star Wars made from 1977-86
  • Hasbro Black Series 6" figures in box from pre-2022
  • Hasbro Vintage Collection 3.75" figures in package from pre-2020
  • Black Series and Vintage Collection ships and playsets pre-2021
  • Some Hasbro packaged figures from 2002 - present
  • Hasbro Ships and playsets from any era
  • Sealed Star Wars Lego sets
  • Star Wars store displays and signage
  • Other cool Star Wars items from any year



Reviews from people we've bought from


"Mike was honest and forthright in providing a value for my collection, patient when I decided to keep a few pieces for sentimental reasons, helpful in the packing and shipping process, and prompt to pay me the agreed upon amount when he received the package I sent. 100%, 5 stars, would do business with again."

- David, California


"If you're going to ship and sell a decent-sized collection of vintage Star Wars figures from your childhood, you want to make sure you're sending to someone reputable. When I connected with Mike I got the impression he was honest and loved buying and selling Star Wars merchandise. So, I decided to sell my collection to 4th Moon, despite knowing my payment wouldn't be received until after shipping — which wasn't an issue at all."

- Curt, North Carolina


"This couldn’t have been easier. Mike answered emails quickly, gave reasonble offers, and gave detailed instructions on shipping. After shipping the product, he was quick to review the materials, respond and pay for them. Highly recommended!"

- Gary, Florida


"Mike made the selling process easy and convenient. He answered questions all along the way and even made time to speak in person about any questions or concerns I may have had about the process. I would recommend if you’re looking to find a reputable dealer 4th Moon is the place."

- Robbie, Virginia


Use the form with a description of what you have and where you are. We'll be in touch to get pictures and go from there.